Devil of a Duke

Book Two of the Wickeds

The wealthiest heiress in Bermuda...

Jemma Manning had a habit of masquerading as a lad to freely roam the island, but she wasn’t the only one pretending to be someone else. When she saved a mysterious stranger from certain death, she had no idea she crossed paths with the enemy. Nick Shepherd appeared to be nothing more than a fortune-hunting dandy from London. A gold-digger, despite her growing attraction to him.

Too bad she’s already betrothed to the Lord Governor’s son.

A duke hiding his identity... 

Nick followed the trail of lies straight to Bermuda. When he finds himself in trouble, the last thing he needed was rescuing. Especially by a spoiled heiress brandishing a brace of pistols, even if she did look smashing in a pair of breeches. The next time he sees Jemma, she’s wearing a dress, and he can’t decide which Jem he likes more. One thing was certain, he resolved to have the reckless heiress and ruin her.

He’s out for revenge and she’s the perfect weapon. 

Fate intervenes…in the cruelest way.

As revenge masquerades as seduction, Nick will have to lower his mask and chose vengeance or love. He cannot have both.

Even if he is a devil of a Duke. 

Devil of a Duke is a steamy historical romance set in post-regency London and Bermuda with a guaranteed happily ever after. Book 2 of the Wickeds.

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