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The study of a rake

A Steamy Historical Regency Novella

The widowed Duke of Averell iss trying to be a better man…

But when he spies a young woman, reading the Iliad beneath a tree no less, Marcus forgets all his good intentions. Miss Weatherly is outspoken, intelligent and enamored of the ancient Greeks. When she brazenly offers to show him the constellations later that night, Marcus readily agrees.

Unfortunately, Miss Weatherly is not the woman Marcus has come to Halloway Park to offer for.

The Study of a Rake Kathleen Ayers

Wicked Tidbits


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The craze started in the early years of the 19th century. The dieter would swallow a pill containing the cyst of a tapeworm. As the tapeworm matured it would absorb food and the dieter would lose weight, so you could eat whatever you wanted. Once the desired weight was achieved, the dieter swallowed an anti-parasitic pill to excrete the tapeworm. Sounds so simple and incredibly gross.


Design of Dukes Kathleen Ayers

The Design of Dukes

Beautiful Barringtons Book 2


Book Two

The Start of Something Wicked

The Wickeds Prequel

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