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The Beautiful Barringtons Book 8

Lady Phaedra is the Disastrous Barrington

Sister of the Duke of Averell, Phaedra has always been a bit wild and bold, even for a Barrington. While her sisters painted or gardened, Phaedra was learning to fence, run a gambling hell and now she’s taken up knife throwing. Everyone in London, indeed all of England, is holding their collective breath in anticipation of Phaedra’s impending scandal. The other half are making wagers on her in Elysium’s notorious Red Book.


may 24

The Five Deadly Sins Book 5

Sinfully Wanton

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The Study of a Rake Kathleen Ayers

The Study of a Rake

A Beautiful Barringtons Novella
Book Two

The Start of Something Wicked

The Wickeds Prequel

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The Beautiful Barringtons

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The Five Deadly Sins

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