A Recipe for a Rogue

Book Five of the Beautiful Barringtons

There are many uses for a good custard. Seduction being one of them.

Rosalind Richardson is in her third season, pleasantly plump and with an unrestrained passion for making tarts. Her dream is to become London’s finest purveyor of desserts and sweets. She’s certain the key to her future is a collection of unique recipes so exquisite, so rare, that her success and her independence is guaranteed. She only needs to find a copy of the cookbook. Marriage, especially to the much older, far too handsome Earl of Torrington would ruin all Rosalind’s plans.

No matter how marvelous he kisses.

The earl isn’t only breathtaking to look at, he’s well-versed in the culinary arts. And Torrington owns a copy of the very cookbook Rosalind is desperate to get her hands on.

Soon, Rosalind is being tempted with tortes…and Torrington. Flour and sugar become sensual when whispered in Torrington’s smoky voice. Custard, it seems is meant to be tasted from a man’s fingers. The mere mention of cherries sends Rosalind’s pulse fluttering.

Torrington, unreformed rake, and custard maker is seducing Rosalind…one decadent recipe at a time.

Rosalind might well allow herself to be ruined while learning how to make the perfect cake.

But does Torrington have the recipe to win her heart?

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