The Theory of Earls


“Chemise. Stockings. Piano.”

Three words, uttered by the beautifully rakish Lord Welles, leave Margaret Lainscott speechless. His improper request, that she play the piano for him in her…underthings is as shocking as it is titillating. Margaret should never have asked his help in reintroducing her to Lord Carstairs. But his friend meets all of Margaret’s criteria for a husband; passably attractive, of below-average intelligence, and possessed of an obsessive outdoor hobby which will leave her free to pursue her own life.

Welles is one of London’s most committed bachelors, known for his notorious dealings with women and his part ownership of one of London’s pleasure clubs. He’s long admired Miss Lainscott’s unrestrained passion at the piano; a passion he suspects is not reserved only for her music. Welles is certain Miss Lainscott will not entertain his improper request despite the attraction burning between them.

A young lady such as Miss Lainscott would never ruin herself willingly.

And Welles? Nothing would make him compromise his heart…

Until a duet with a passionate pianist changes his mind.

The Theory of Earls is a steamy, sexy regency romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and the first in a new series, The Beautiful Barringtons.

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Alexandra Dunforth, a bookish spinster from Hampshire, has no desire to marry despite her uncle holding the fate of her beloved family estate over her head. Sutton “Satan” Reynolds, a wealthy Marquess, is possessed of angelic beauty and a scandalous dragon tattoo. He doesn’t care for the simpering women of the ton and is determined to avoid any entanglements, until a chance meeting with the delectable Miss Dunforth changes his mind.

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Reckless Jemma Manning is the richest heiress in all of Bermuda and promised to another when she sees Nick Shepherd staring down at her from his place at the Governor of Bermuda’s dinner table. As handsome as he is mysterious, Jemma is entranced by Shepherd even while dismissing him as the fortune hunter he appears to be.

But Nick Shepherd is no fortune hunter. He is something else entirely.

The Devils of Dunbar do not suffer fools, nor do they suffer betrayal. A traitor is hiding amongst the wealthy society of Bermuda and is deserving of punishment.

Jemma Manning and her willful nature fit perfectly into Nick’s plans….until he realizes the depth of his own desire.

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Lady Miranda Reynolds has finally decided to wed.  

Once the most sought-after young lady in London during her first Season, Miranda is now deemed unsuitable.  An unfortunate scandal, as well as her own lack of interest in marriage, has led to a limited field of suitors. She’s narrowed her choice down to either a fortune-hunting dandy or an elderly rake.

Neither man is appealing but Miranda is tired of waiting.

Colin Hartley, the Earl of Kilmaire would never return to the dubious bosom of the ton if he didn’t need an heiress to replenish the Kilmaire fortunes. He’s not particular about his future bride.  The less he cares for her the better.

Affection will not be involved. Colin gave his heart once with disastrous results. He doesn’t want to see Miranda, the woman who spurned Colin so she could marry a future duke six long years ago.

Except Miranda didn’t marry a duke.  Or an earl.  Or anyone since she and Colin parted. Upon his return to London, Colin finds Miranda’s reputation tarnished and she’s intent on marrying a gold digger who has terrible taste in clothing and wears too much pomade.    

Colin shouldn’t care who Miranda marries.  But, but he does. 

He’s not sure he can ever forgive Miranda for jilting him. But, the more he sees Miranda the less the past matters.     

Because Colin still wants her.  Badly.

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Wickedly Yours : BOOK 4

Some wild things want to be tamed…

Lady Arabella Tremaine is in need of rescue. Angry and bitter at her banishment to Wales, she’s agreed to marry for all the wrong reasons; the most important being she loathes her future husband. Unfortunately, the man whose proposal she accepted won’t take no for an answer.

Rowan Grantly, Lord Malden is avoiding marriage, especially to the woman his mother has chosen for him. His tastes run to sour, devious women who favor austere clothing, namely Lady Arabella Tremaine. When Arabella goes missing, it falls to Rowan to retrieve the unpleasant woman and bring her back to London.

Arabella is grateful to be rescued, even if it is by Lord Malden a gentleman who she doesn’t particularly care for. And Malden doesn’t like her either. She can’t wait to go their separate ways.

Unfortunately once Arabella returns to London she finds herself ruined.

And betrothed….to Lord Malden.

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Tall, Dark, and Wicked – Book 5

The Earl of Morwick is no gentleman.

He’s not even much of an earl. Brendan would rather climb the face of a cliff than endure a London ball. When he finds himself in London for his cousin’s wedding and spies Lady Petra Grantly, he behaves like the savage he’s often accused of being. Brendan can’t wait to leave for his isolated estate where he can’t be tempted by Lady Petra. The last thing he wants is this unwanted attraction to the prim, ladylike daughter of Lord Marsh.

Petra always does what is expected of her.

Well-bred and obedient, she’s been raised by her mother, Lady Marsh, as the perfect young lady. When her parents secure a brilliant match for her with the suitable Lord Simon Pendleton, Petra begs to be allowed to consider his offer over a visit to Pendleton’s country estate. It’s a small rebellion on her part, after all Petra would hardly call herself daring. The only time she can recall being the least bit reckless was allowing the ill-tempered Lord Morwick to kiss her senseless.

A journey full of the unexpected…

Upon leaving London for Pendleton’s estate,Petra finds herself the victim of a broken coach axle, spoiled lamb stew, torn garments, and in need of rescue by a certain tall, dark and wicked earl.

And Petra is feeling…reckless.

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Still Wicked (The Wickeds Book 6) 


Lady Elizabeth Reynolds is perfectly happy living as a nun.

Secure within the walls of St. Albans, Elizabeth is determined to take her vows and never return to London. Life in society holds no appeal and she has no desire to wed.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s long absent mother has plans for her daughter. Taken from St. Albans against her will, Elizabeth has been promised in marriage to the Duke of Langford, a man with a penchant for cruelty and young wives. In return, Langford has promised her mother support in regaining her place in society.

Desperate to cling to her freedom, Elizabeth has only one option… run. 

Henry Spencer Hammond, Lord Kelso has only just arrived back in England after serving the Crown abroad. Retirement for a man of his skills would be more assured… if he married. Any woman will do. As luck would have it, fate intercedes when a beautiful young nun hides in his coach and begs his help. 

When Spence proposes a marriage of convenience to solve his problem and hers, Elizabeth accepts. She’ll receive the protection of his name. Spence will have his freedom. Their arrangement is practical and uncomplicated. Logical.

Until Spence falls in love with his wife.

Still Wicked is a steamy historical romance set in post-regency London with a guaranteed happily ever after. Book 6 of the Wickeds

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Wicked Again (The Wickeds Book 7)

A scandalous affair with a much younger man…

Lady Marissa Cupps-Foster has buried three husbands. Only one, her dear Reggie, was a love match. As a woman considered past her prime with two grown sons, she’s decided on discreet trysts when she feels the need for male companionship. Lord Trenton Haddon was only a dalliance. Haddon is tempting but far too young for her. And love is out of the question. Clearly, she isn’t good at it. Determined to forget Haddon, Marissa returns to London and immerses herself in society.

A former rake who has never been in love…

Seducing the widowed Lady Cupps-Foster was a way to pass the time at a dull house party but instead Haddon fell in love. Unfortunately, the object of his affection ended the affair and returned to London before he could declare himself.  But Haddon has the perfect excuse to see Marissa again. His eldest daughter is about to make her debut and as a widower, he is in dire need of direction. Marissa won’t refuse his plea for help.

Another chance at love…

Haddon can be very persuasive when he wants something, and he wants Marissa. But Marissa is just as convinced he’ll eventually break her heart.  

Will Marissa allow herself to find love again or will she stand by and watch Haddon marry someone else?   

Wicked Again is a steamy historical romance set in post-regency London where scandal meets happily ever after. Book 7 of the Wickeds.

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