Still Wicked

Book Six of the Wickeds

A sassy young lady pretending to be a nun…

Secure within the walls of St. Albans, Lady Elizabeth Reynolds is determined to never face her fears deciding it far better to hide from them. But when her fears come to life in the form of her long absent mother, Elizabeth has no choice but to run.

The dangerous lord who helps her escape…

Henry Spencer Hammond, Lord Kelso has only just arrived back in England after serving his country. He’s tired of living in the shadows as an assassin. If he wishes to retire, his employers prefer he marry. Any woman will do. As luck would have it, fate intercedes when a beautiful young nun hides in his coach and begs his help.

A practical solution…

When Spence proposes a marriage of convenience to solve his problem and hers, Elizabeth accepts. She’ll receive the protection of his name. Spence will have his freedom. Their arrangement is practical and uncomplicated. Logical.

Until Spence falls in love with his wife.

Still Wicked is a steamy historical romance set in post-regency London with a guaranteed happily ever after. Book 6 of the Wickeds

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