The Marquess Method

Book Three of the Beautiful Barringtons

Lady Theodosia Barrington is practically begging to be ruined.

That’s the assumption of the Marquess of Haven after spying Theodosia at a house party given by the Duke of Granby. After his father left him little else but a title and a crumbling estate, Haven is in desperate need of an heiress. Not only is Theodosia rich as Croesus and beautiful, but she’s also a Barrington. Her brothers are the Duke of Averell and Leo Murphy, the two men Haven holds responsible for his financial difficulties.

Theodosia is the solution to all of Haven’s problems.

Lady Theodosia has long been infatuated with the Earl of Blythe. In an effort to prove her affection and perhaps induce him to offer for her, Theodosia paints a scandalous self-portrait of herself for Blythe as a gift. The small token of affection is incredibly improper.

She regrets sending the miniature to Blythe almost immediately.

Desperate to save her reputation before it can be destroyed by her own stupidity, Theodosia makes another rash decision. Retrieve the miniature from Blythe's home.

Except it isn't Blythe she finds waiting for her, but Haven.

And her own ruination.

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