The Start of Something Wicked

A Wickeds Prequel

A handsome gentleman swears off women until he meets a sassy vicar’s daughter.

Madeline Seymore, vicar's daughter, and shrewish spinster is out doing the Lord's work when a passing horse sprays her with muck. The careless rider almost runs her over in his haste to reach the village tavern.

Second-best dress ruined and only her temper keeping her warm, Madeline confronts the unfeeling lout to demand an apology.

Robert Reynolds only wants to drink the afternoon away and forget about the responsibilities that come with being the heir to the Marquess of Cambourne. Instead, he's confronted by a sharp-tongued, filthy young woman who claims she's ruined her dress.

He'd rather ruin her.


The Start of Something Wicked is the Prequel to the bestselling Wickeds series.

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