About Kathleen

17692947_lDo you remember that line in Romancing the Stone?  When Joan Wilder is asked if she is a hopeless romantic? She replies, “I’m a hopeful romantic.”  That’s me.  I read my first romance novel when I was in 9th grade and I’ve been reading them ever since.

I toyed with writing for many years but like most of us, real life throws you curve balls constantly, and while I was catching those, I kept dropping the writing pen (or in this case, the Mac Book Pro).  I finally finished my draft of Wicked’s Scandal but left it to linger on my desktop, unsure as to what I should do with it.

A dear friend of mine dared me to publish.  Not one to ever back away from a challenge, I did.

I am the proud mother of a teenager (who is absolutely horrified at the fact that his mother writes romance novels), two very spoiled dogs, and one constantly annoyed cat.  I’m married to a lovely man who still takes me on dates and is convinced he should grace the cover of one of my books.

I love hearing from everyone who has enjoyed reading “Wicked’s Scandal” and the “Devil of a Duke.” I’m working hard on the next book in the series. Please drop me a line if you are so inclined at kayers@kathleenayers.com



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