Tall, Dark and Wicked

Book Five of the Wickeds

The Earl of Morwick is no gentleman.

He’s not even much of an earl. Brendan would rather climb the face of a cliff than endure a London ball. When he finds himself in London for his cousin’s wedding and spies Lady Petra Grantly, he behaves like the savage he’s often accused of being. Brendan can’t wait to leave for his isolated estate where he can't be tempted by Lady Petra. The last thing he wants is this unwanted attraction to the prim, ladylike daughter of Lord Marsh.

Petra always does what is expected of her.

Well-bred and obedient, she’s been raised by her mother, Lady Marsh, as the perfect young lady. When her parents secure a brilliant match for her with the suitable Lord Simon Pendleton, Petra begs to be allowed to consider his offer over a visit to Pendleton’s country estate. It’s a small rebellion on her part, after all Petra would hardly call herself daring. The only time she can recall being the least bit reckless was allowing the ill-tempered Lord Morwick to kiss her senseless.

A journey full of the unexpected...

Upon leaving London for Pendleton’s estate,Petra finds herself the victim of a broken coach axle, spoiled lamb stew, torn garments, and in need of rescue by a certain tall, dark and wicked earl.

And Petra is feeling...reckless.

Tall Dark & Wicked is the latest in the best-selling Wickeds series.

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